Jurgen Klopp confirms Wolves visit team for FA Cup replay

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Jurgen Klopp confirms Wolves visit team for FA Cup replay.

Jurgen Klopp has told the media at a press conference ahead of Liverpool FA Cup third-round clash with Wolverhampton Wanderers that he plans to make some changes. And hope to beat their opponents in this game.

The Reds, who suffer a thumping 3-0 defeat to Brighton on Saturday, will play a cup knockout match against Wolves at Molineux Stadium after a draw at Molineux Stadium. Anfield 2-2, with the German boss confirming. He will also make changes from the weekend’s squad.

“Yes, we will change. Which it is clear But it’s also a good thing. What I want to say is that our team will be as strong as possible. Because we want to win this match. Obviously we want freshness. I’m going to do the simple thing, sit down and tell my team, ‘It was quite clear against Brighton you guys put us in this situation. So let’s see how you can help us get out of this situation again. 

“We have to make decisions about the players that will play in this game and we will. We will change the team Which was clear 3 days after the last game. I think it’s reasonable. Then we will go on the field and keep fighting,” said Klopp.