Roulette Formula Zero Destroyer Formula

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Roulette Formula Zero Destroyer Formula.

Roulette Formula Zero Destroyer Formula Placing bets and numbers to bet

For placing bets on roulette. People who bet on red, black, odd, high, low, or row zone bets Must place a minimum amount of 50 baht. While numerical bets or Toad can bet a minimum of only 5 baht. When the minimum deposit is only 5 baht, thus allowing players to bet on all numbers. 8 sets Which must place according to the following numbers. Let’s go see UFABET.

  • Bet 0, Teng, 5 baht
  • Tot or Hunch 2 numbers 2-3, 4-7, 12-15, 18-21, 19-22, 32-35, 5 baht per set, 6 sets of 30 baht.
  • 4 humpback numbers 25-26-28-29 for 5 baht

All of these numbers are numbers that are surround by 0. Players can see and check the results of placing numbers in the roulette table and see the numbers as shown in the picture.

Roulette wheel showing different number locations and zones, odds for betting, roulette formula, zero kill formula.

When the player has placed the money according to the number and amount as mentioned above. This topic will take a look at the odds. That players place their money on those numbers. What payouts will be. If the steel ball runs into the space that has that number

  • Number 0, of course, the player will receive the prize money in the total ratio of 36 only. Which is 36 x 5 = 180 baht when subtracted from the capital in this bet is 40 baht. Making the player a profit that is up to 140 baht.
  • If the number is not issued 0, but is issued a number. That bets Toad or 2 numbers, whether it is 2-3-4-7-12-15-18-21-19-22-32-35 any number Will get a prize money rate that is up to 18 times, that is, 18 x 5 = 90 baht, minus the cost of 40 baht, you still have a profit of 50 baht.
  • While the fall of the number 25-26-28-29. Which is a 4-number hunchback, will receive a prize money rate of 9 times, that is, 9 x 5 = 45 baht. Deducting 40 baht of capital, a profit of 5 baht.
  • But if the numbers listed above are not issued, the loss is only 40 baht.
  • If the player loses, then place the money in the original form. which may have to double the rollover like Martingale to get the capital and profit back