‘Rice’ happy with Arsenal I’m sure it can be better than this.

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Rice was asked about Alejandro Carnacho’s 88th-minute strike but it was offside, before Arsenal turned the situation around to score twice in injury time to win three. -1

“It’s the difference in football games. We went up again and I scored, then Gabi [Jesus] scored to end the game. It’s just a difference in terms of results. In the end it was us who came through with this result,” Rice said. โปรโมชั่น ufabet

When asked about the love Arsenal fans have for him, Rice replied: “It’s good. As a person There must be some shame. But I really appreciate it. with the love they have for you I just try and enjoy myself.”

In addition, Rice also emphasized the importance of winning in this game. “To be honest, Manchester City play 4 wins 4 if we don’t win today. We are five points behind them, so it’s a win we need to win. Starting out with 2-3 wins and another draw is considered good.”

Rice was asked if he preferred playing number 6 or 8 more.

“I felt comfortable playing both roles. 6, but learned the role of No. 8 from training, no matter what the team manager asks me to do, I’m always 100 per cent “

and talking about the goal he scored himself,

“It’s very special, I’m glad to score again. As I said before I can’t control the price But when I came here I tried my best to stop this. And want continuity ′

′ Considered that I started a new life with Arsenal well. But there is so much more I can do.”