Manchester United reveal their new shirt number: ‘Hoylund’

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Manchester United have revealed the shirt numbers of new players by Rasmus Hoilund, who is expected to make his debut against Arsenal today (Sunday), received the number 11 Hoi Lu

. ND is one of five Manchester United players to receive a new shirt number for the new season, four of whom were recent transfers and the last being Alejandro Carnacho, who has changed his number. Last

season, Carnacho wore No. 49, but he switched to No. 17 after Fred left the team.

In Hoilund’s case, he wears No. 11 that previously belonged to Mae. Son Greenwood, but he moved to Getafe on loan, the ทางเข้า

number 11 is the Red Devils’ number one through the backs of Ryan Giggs, George Best and Sir Bobby. Charlton and recent players such as Anthony Martial and Adnan Januzaj.

Jonny Evans, meanwhile, returns to the club and will wear number 35, the number he had when he was a youngster for Sergio Regilon

who joined from Tottenham Hotspur. Spurs, on loan. Will also be give the No. 15 shirt worn by Marcel Sabitzer last season,

while their reserve goalkeeper Altay Bayindiar is given the No.1 shirt it use to be. Of top defensemen like Peter Schmeichel, Edwin van der Sar and David de Gea for the latter Andre Onana, the current number one, uses number 24 instead, however, Sofiane Amrabat,

who Move before the trading market closes, haven’t picked a number for yourself. The number will be reveale when he finishes registering with the club.