Lottery Deteriorate Can you raise money?

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Lottery Deteriorate Can you raise money?

If there is or see a number with date. Can get all the prizes or if crumpled, wet, Into the washing machine until it’s mess up. When brought to the award It will take some time. In order for the lottery. He had to prove that it was real and that it was really a winning lottery. When proving that It is that has actually won. I can receive money. Can play no matter where with UFABET

How to check for a fake ticket

will use a proofreader through white light and purple light, then notice that When the lottery hits the water, does the ink dissolve? Here’s how to see if it’s a real or not:

  1. If it’s a real When illuminated with bright lights or white lights, a watermark in the form of a Vayupak bird appears on the surface of the paper.
  2. When shined with purple light (UV light) you can see silk threads and lines running across the glowing numbers.
  3. and use Anti Copy ink as orange ink. to prevent counterfeiting
  4. The ink used to print on the lotteries will not dissolve in water

How to check 2D barcodes

This method can be preliminarily checked from Bringing the real lotteries of Government Office compared to the lottery bought To see the difference of 2D barcodes, if ready, you can check through this program right away.

This program can be downloaded on both Google Play and the App Store.

Steps to use i-nigma

  1. Choose i-nigma program
  2. Enter the screen, it will be the page that is ready to use.
  3. Scan the barcode on the lotteries with the barcode in the red frame.
  4. Then the program will read the values ​​(year, series, date and lottery numbers) if it is a real lottery. The program will form a real. That’s it, the 2D inspection is done.