Why are nose hairs important?

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Talking about ‘nose hairs‘, many people may feel disgusted and have to rush to remove it by means of shaving, plucking, waxing, or laser. But in reality, nature did not create hair to get rid of it. But it has duties and benefits that we may not be aware of. โปรโมชั่น ufabet Especially nose hair, which has become a big problem for many women to the point of having to endure the pain of waxing it off often.

Why are nose hairs important?

From the data collected by the Cleveland Clinic, it was concluded that each pore in the nose can grow hair nearly 2 meters long (6 ½ feet), most of which falls out naturally. some The job of nose hairs is to filter small dirt particles from entering the lungs. And of course, it also helps reduce symptoms of allergies or dirt in the air.

Is there any benefit to plucking nose hair?

The short answer is that plucking nose hair has no health benefits except for the false sense of comfort. Nose hairs function as protection from harmful dirt from entering the body. If you pluck your nose hair It is considered to reduce the protective efficiency of our body’s health.

Why you shouldn’t pluck or wax your nose hair? 

The first, of course, is the pain it causes. Next is irritation of both the pores in the nose and the surrounding skin. And it may also lead to the birth of burrowing hairs. Including infections in the nasal cavity.  Symptoms of infection or inflammation in the nasal cavity are not trivial. Because it will cause the inside and outside of the nose to become swollen and red. Then there will be an accumulation of bacteria around the nasal cavity, causing pain even if the nose is lightly touched.

You know this, girls. You may have the answer as to whether we should continue plucking and waxing nose hair or not. If you really want to manage your nose hair It is recommended to use a specialized device or small scissors to trim the tips of the nose hairs to be shorter or to see a medical professional to have the visible areas of the nose hair lasered to thin them while still retaining the internal nose hairs.