These 7 Foods… Play A Part In Triggering Migraine Attacks!!

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Many people probably know that bright lights and loud noises are factors that can trigger migraine pain, while “food” is a factor that few people think about. But it can create equal suffering for migraine patients!! Let’s check the list together to see if the foods that trigger migraines are some of your favorites?

7 foods that trigger migraines

1. Chocolate: Because in chocolate desserts there are ingredients such as milk, butter, and sugar, there is no research that clearly indicates “why?” Chocolate is responsible for triggering migraine pain. But to prevent and reduce pain…it’s better to avoid chocolate for now.

2. Alcoholic drinks Headaches that occur when drinking alcohol Caused by tyramine…which reduces serotonin levels in the brain. Makes you feel a severe headache, especially “red wine” which contains tyramine and histamine that can cause headaches.

3. Bananas and citrus fruits Eating bananas to relieve hunger during the day may be good for your health. But did you know that bananas contain tyramine and histamine that cause migraine pain!! Including citrus fruits such as oranges and lemons can also cause severe headaches.

4. Tea and coffee: We often find that some people drink drinkdrink ordrink and have a headache! That’s because the caffeine in coffee and tea affects the central nervous system. ทางเข้า People who suffer from migraines and are sensitive to this substance should avoid beverages that contain caffeine.

5. Cheese or Cheese Underneath the deliciousness that makes many people love it, it can cause severe headaches. With tyramine which is a component of cheese and cheese. As a result, patients who are sensitive to this substance easily experience migraine pain.

6. Bread or pizza because “yeast” is a stimulant that causes migraine pain, making “bread” including “pizza” a mixture of both yeast and tyramine from cheese. These are two menu items that migraine sufferers…must delete from their list of favorite dishes immediately!!

7. Processed meat Who likes to eat processed meats such as bacon, sausages, or smoked meats? You may not have known that preservatives like nitrates have a stimulating effect on headaches. And if the patient is sensitive to this substance…symptoms may occur immediately!!

Avoiding foods that trigger migraine headaches

These foods…are just some of them! Because there are many other foods that can trigger a headache. A good way…should you notice if you have migraine pain after eating something? Because of avoiding factors that cause symptoms It will help you finally move away from your migraines!